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Machinery industry trends

     Become a high-end talent, with more than 20 million annual salary, what conditions? And many of the "reading countless people," the company CEOs, like Chiron Wuxi high-tech Co., Ltd. responsible person Zangzhi Cheng believes his character and loyalty to the company senior staff of the most important, especially in science and technology development as the core competitiveness of enterprises , the employer is correct or not related to the leakage of trade secrets, and even the company's survival. The character and loyalty is difficult to get from a short interview to understand the initial study is only their capability and technological level, if the "wrong horse", a sales manager, the company will suffer huge losses.
    On Saturday, a water heater tank production of private enterprises boss Zhu Qingguo sits interview examination room, opening bluntly:. "The most wants to recruit more than 5 years working experience in foreign high-end talent and returnees," Zhu Qingguo business is in rapid development period, but the more extensive management, executives sometimes a word on behalf of the company's processes and systems, is not conducive to development and growth, the introduction of much-needed foreign international management ideas and business models.
    High-end talent recruitment "mysterious", partly from executive search and recruitment channels is recommended circle of acquaintances. Xinzhou headhunting responsible person, in recent years, development of private enterprises in Wuxi in good shape, private enterprises gradually become the main high-end talent recruitment, accounted for 35% of total demand, private executives spared no expense to please search directional "dig" people fight grab the high-end talent.
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