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Mechanical engineering services

  Mechanical engineering services is very wide, where the use of machinery, tools, as well as the production of energy and materials sectors, no need for a mechanical engineering services. Modern mechanical engineering five major service areas:
    1, to develop and supply energy conversion machinery, including thermal, chemical, atomic energy, electrical energy, fluid pressure energy and natural mechanical energy into a form suitable to the application of mechanical energy power machinery, and other energy to mechanical energy is converted to the desired a mechanical energy conversion;
    2, to provide for the development and production of various products, machinery, agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery machinery and mining machinery and various heavy machinery and light industry machinery;
    3, the development and provision of services in a variety of machinery, such as material handling machinery, transportation machinery, medical machinery, office machinery, ventilation, heating and air conditioning equipment as well as dust, purification, noise reduction and other environmental protection equipment;
    4, the development and provision of family and personal life with the machinery, such as washing machines, refrigerators, watches, cameras, sports equipment and entertainment equipment, etc.;
    5, the development and provision of a variety of mechanical arms.
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