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Technology innovation

    Highway, railway, high-rise building, hydroelectric dams, ports, concrete mixing stations and so requires high-quality sand and gravel aggregate supply, how to ensure the quality and quantity of aggregate it? Sand is a manufacturer of equipment the headache. Thus, energy efficient mechanical crusher has become a hot topic. Energy efficient series crusher equipment, sand making equipment has become sand and stone shaping the industry's core equipment, sand making equipment is the product of choice for manufacturers.
Sanlian Machinery
    In infrastructure construction, high-speed railway construction rapid high-speed railway construction sand and gravel, grading proposed a higher demand, especially basalt (gray-green rock) flakiness content rubble, the previous simple the sand technology can not meet the requirements. Zhengzhou Yifan Machinery Sand VC Series is Yifan Machinery mining machinery and equipment in the years of development on the basis of similar products and absorb foreign advanced technology to develop low energy equipment with advanced international level, and its performance in a variety of fine ore broken equipment plays an irreplaceable role, can fully meet the production of high-speed rail construction in grain and technical requirements for high performance coagulation aggregate.
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