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Machinery huge opportunities

Currently, a new round of global technological and industrial revolution, in contrast, the world competing to develop strategies, make adjustments, pay close attention to the implementation of the necessary reforms. According to the German agency statistics, the German production efficiency due to the implementation of the strategy will be increased by 30%. German experts in Germany and newspaper reporters take you on the ground, next to feel the "Industry 4.0" strategy, "barrier-free" communication networking march, people, machines and products.

The German Federal Government hopes to "High-Tech Strategy 2020" has become a pioneer in addressing global challenges. "Industry 4.0" is one of the ten future projects of this strategy. Federal Ministry of Education and three departments Research Department, Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy and the Ministry of the Interior and other federal close cooperation to this end. In addition, the German information economy, telecommunications and new media association, federation and electrical machinery and equipment manufacturing industry associations and other electronic three important economic line will also jointly set up a website "Industry 4.0 platform." Top research institutions in Germany artificial intelligence research center, the National Academy of Science and Engineering and the Fraunhofer Institute and other research on this topic. Government, business community and in-depth cooperation in scientific research thus guaranteed.

Save resources by optimizing the production process, not only for Germany and exporter of this industry is very important for the world is also very important. Both from the financial point of view or environmental point of view, all countries for "Industry 4.0" benefit.

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