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Facing four major dilemma

    Despite the age of the Internet e-commerce burgeoned, but the machinery manufacturing industry is still one of the main pillars of industry, but also in the future for a long period of time, the development of machinery industry and GDP are closely related, whether it is paving the way bridges, or real estate, even if in the future these bubbles with economies in transition, while manufacturing entity as an economic subject, mechanical heat is still a source of economic growth. It referred to herein include machinery manufacturing industry: construction machinery, agricultural machinery, mechanical instruments, general petrochemical, heavy mining, machine tools, electrical appliances, food packaging, auto parts and other industries.
    It faces several challenges:
   1. raw material costs
     Due to the country's economic environment continued tight, iron ore prices boost steel prices Zhang how to increase the mechanical manufacturing costs, thereby affecting corporate profits.
   2. The new challenges of modern scientific and technological revolution after
     Machinery manufacturing major change to achieve a cross-border cooperation, technology upgrading. New technologies and products have mushroomed rapid development in general, so now manufacturers differentiation is no longer compare the quality and functionality. More important is how to sort out customer satisfaction and loyalty, and improve business services.
   3. The traditional management philosophy
     By controlling the cost of lower-priced sales strategy, no longer competitive.
   4.ERP limitations
     In large domestic sector machinery manufacturing enterprises an agency customers, distributors and partners, mainly because they do not directly face the end customer products, also lack the communication channel with customers. So the market reaction is slow, the lack of deep understanding of the customer, which is a lot of mechanical manufacturing companies use ERP can not do.
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